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Things to do at the Delaware Beaches – Cape Henlopen

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Cape Henlopen National Park Delaware is full of natural beauty and a lot of it is right in our own backyard.  Next time you are in the area make sure you take some time to check out Cape Henlopen. If you’re looking for things to do while at the Delaware Beaches, there are a ton […]

Scooter Outlaws

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Scooter Subculture This week we are featuring this video outlining the subculture of mopeds and scooters. They aren’t motorcycles, they aren’t crotch rockets, they aren’t choppers, they’re scooters.  Enjoy this video about the alliance of the “moped gang” or “moped army”.  We have a similar scooter club called The Misfits in the Rehoboth Beach area. […]

Scooters at The Beach

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Scooters Around Dewey Beach Delaware Did you know that Rehoboth / Dewey Beach has a scooter club? If you didn’t, they are a not for profit organization that hosts several events a year. One of which includes a scooter parade for charity. In the scooter parade you will see a ton of different varieties of scooters. There are […]