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Things to do at the Delaware Beaches – Cape Henlopen

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Cape Henlopen National Park

Delaware is full of natural beauty and a lot of it is right in our own backyard.  Next time you are in the area make sure you take some time to check out Cape Henlopen. If you’re looking for things to do while at the Delaware Beaches, there are a ton of hiking and bike trails for you to explore natural beauty.  The national park was once a strategic location for the military outpost. During WW2 the Army established this base and camouflaged bunkers amongst the large sand dunes. Today, the 543-acre park is home to a variety of wildlife including osprey, reptiles, and a variety of shorebirds.  Take a bike ride to Fort Miles, the Nature Center, The Biden Center or check out a variety of trails open to the public:

Rent Bikes For The Cape Henlopen Bike Trail

Check out the list of hiking and bike trails below!


ParkTrailType of TrailMilesEaseHandicapped-Accessible TrailSurfaceTrail Challenge
Alapocas RunNorthern Delaware GreenwayHiking, Biking2.0EasyYesPaved or Crushed StoneNo
BellevueNorthern Delaware GreenwayHiking, Biking1.6EasyYesPavedNo
Oval TrackHiking, Biking1.2EasyYesCrushed StoneNo
Brandywine CreekNorthern Delaware GreenwayHiking, Biking2.5EasyYesCrushed StoneNo
Cape HenlopenWalking DunesHiking, Biking1.6EasyNoCrushed Stone/ ShellYes
Salt Marsh SpurHiking, Biking0.6EasyNoEarthenNo
Gordons PondHiking, Biking2.75Easy to ModerateNoCrushed Stone/ EarthenNo
Bike LoopHiking, Biking3.0Easy to ModerateYesPavedNo
Junction and BreakwaterHiking, Biking5.0EasyYesCrushed StoneYes
Delaware SeashorePrickly PearHiking, Biking, Equestrian3.0EasyNoEarthenNo
Fox PointRiverviewHiking, Biking2.0EasyYesPavedYes
Northern Delaware GreenwayHiking, Biking1.3EasyYesPavedNo
Holts LandingSeahorseHiking, Biking, Equestrian1.2EasyYesEarthenNo
Killens PondBikeHiking, Biking2.0EasyYesPaved or Crushed StoneNo
Lums PondLittle JerseyHiking, Biking, Equestrian8.1EasyNoEarthen or Crushed StoneNo
Trap PondAmerican HollyHiking, Biking0.7EasyYesCrushed StoneNo
LoblollyHiking, Biking, Equestrian4.6EasyYesCrushed StoneYes
White Clay CreekDavid EnglishHiking, Biking2.4ModerateNoEarthenYes
Whitely FarmsHiking, Biking3.1ModerateNoEarthenNo
Bryan’s FieldHiking, Biking2.1ModerateNoEarthenNo
Boundary LineHiking, Biking1.4ModerateNoEarthenNo
Chestnut HillHiking, Biking3.4ModerateNoEarthenNo
Tri-ValleyHiking, Biking3.1ModerateNoEarthenNo
Pomeroy Rail TrailHiking, Biking2.7EasyYesCrushed StoneNo
Wilmington-Brandywine ParkNorthern Delaware GreenwayHiking, Biking0.9EasyYesPavedNo


For more information please contact the Park Office:

Park Office

  • 15099 Cape Henlopen Dr.
  • Lewes, DE 19958
  • Phone: (302) 645-8983
  • FAX: (302) 645-0588

All Wheels has bike rentals if you’re looking to explore the park on wheels. 

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