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Scooters in Rehoboth Beach DE

Riding Scooters and Mopeds in Rehoboth, Dewey and Lewes Delaware

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Scooters in Rehoboth Beach

All Wheels Scooters Rehoboth Beach De

Whether you are a local or a tourist, you have certainly noticed the abundance of scooters and mopeds in Rehoboth Beach Delaware.  Maybe it’s because they are a ton of fun, maybe it’s because they are convenient, or get 100 mpg or inexpensive to operate. Whatever the case may be, scooters have become a great pastime of our area. If you are coming to Rehoboth on vacation, there are a few things you should be aware of:

  1. You cannot park your scooter anywhere in Rehoboth Beach, you do need a permit
  2. Permits are available at the Parking Meter Division behind City Hall for $40.00
  3. Scooters with permits can park in any residential permit parking only zones
  4. Having a permit does not mean you can park in metered spaces for free
  5. Wearing a helmet is not the law, but it is highly recommended considering the influx of vacationers in the summer
  6. You may not park a moped/scooter on sidewalks or in front of driveways
  7. Scooters must still obey all the local traffic laws in Rehoboth and Dewey Beach and are still subject to traffic fines

It is important to have fun, but safety should always be your top priority!

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