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Scooter LawsScooters in Rehoboth Beach DE

Scooter Rules in Rehoboth, Lewes and Dewey Beach Delaware

Scooters in The Rehoboth Beach AreaScooter Laws Rehoboth Beach

Riding a scooter in Rehoboth, Lewes and Dewey Beach is a ton of fun, but there are a few rules of the road that one needs to follow.

According to local laws, the following are categorized as a Scooter/Moped: 

  • A Scooter has 2 wheels
  • A Step-through chassis
  • Is Powered by a motor

Scooter Permits and Parking

  • Scooters must have a permit to park on City Streets, with the exception of parking at a parking meter.
  • Scooters may NOT park on sidewalks or the boardwalk, or at bicycle racks or stations.
  • Permits are available at the Parking Meter Division behind City Hall for $40.00.
  • Scooters with permits may park in locations designed/marked as “Scooter Only” such as:  Ends of most beach blocks and on Baltimore & Wilmington Avenues; Parking lot near the Senior Center on Christian Street; Behind the Fire Station on Rehoboth Avenue.
  • Scooters with permits may park on residential streets in permit parking areas.
  • Scooters without permits may park at meters and must pay meter fees.
  • Parking fines will be the same as for cars.

Safe Scooter Habits

  • Be a defensive driver
    • Avoid distractions, including mobile phones and other devices, which can divert your attention, even with hands-free functionality.
    • Aim high when looking out over the handlebars at the road.
    • Keep your eyes moving, meaning don’t just stare at the road ahead; check mirrors and other views frequently.
    • Leave yourself an out; this means anticipating what would happen if you had to swerve or slam on the brakes.
    • Position both hands firmly but comfortably on handlebars.
    • Never drive while feeling drowsy or sleepy; pull over at a rest stop or other safe place to take a break and get some real rest.
  • Do not follow cars too close
  • Wear a helmet
  • Remember to always be courteous
  • Have fun!

Do you have any questions you would like answered about the scooter laws in Rehoboth? Please do not hesitate to give us a call: 302 227 6807


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